After weeks of a mild, open winter, suddenly a shift in the weather left us with several feet of glittering snow on the ranch. The crisp, clean air inspired me to get outside, so I went feeding with my husband for the first time in a long, long time.

We always get asked by our cattle drive guests and Truly \ Beef customers “What do you do in the winter time?” . Summertime is jam packed with driving our cattle to and from the mountains, so what does a rancher do in the winter time?

Sometimes, it’s riding through the herd to check the health.

Sometimes it’s weaning the calves from the cows.

Sometimes it’s shipping off a pot-load that’s been auctioned.

But most of the time, it’s feeding. Feeding. Feeding. Feeding.

Our cattle depend on us to feed them in the winter when the snow is too deep to reach the grass. That means, every day, without exception, even on Christmas and MLK Day. But to live this life we get to live, and the bonds we build with our animals, our land, and each other? Yeah, it’s all worth it.

Below are some photos of Taylor’s day feeding. (By the way, he wanted me to mention that his muck boots had holes in them and that’s why he’s wearing his cowboy boots in the snow. This is not normal attire. HA. )

Kerns Ranch Cattle - Sheridan Wyoming - Double Rafter Cattle Drives
Taylor Kerns of Truly \ Beef loading hay
Loading two bales of hay at a time
Truly \ Beef cattle come running at the site of the feed truck
Grass Hay fed to Truly \ Beef cattle
Put some muscle into it!
Lower hydrolic arms and unroll hay
Cut the baling twine
Pull the baling twine out.
Grass hay fed to Truly \ Beef in the winter time
Unroll grass hay and enjoy Truly \ Beef!
Hungry cows on a winter's morning on a ranch near sheridan wyoming
Natural beef ranchers - Truly \ Beef - Wyoming Products
Sharing is Caring - Truly \ Beef, LLC - Wyoming
Only natural grass hay and a natural lifestyle for Truly \ Beef on the Kerns Ranch near Sheridan Wyoming
Pigging out - all you can eat buffet - Kerns Ranch
Taylor Kerns feeding his cattle
Cows surround the feed truck like a zombie apocalypse.
Roo & Taz, the real workers on the Kerns Ranch
Surprise! It's Knickers.
Dogs that are smarter than humans
Grab a bite  - Grass Fed Beef - Truly \ Beef - Sheridan WY
Young cows munching on winter feed
Cute cow nose
Calf eating hay
Cute cow noses - eating

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